A powerful bot for your discord server

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Owner of 9gagCommunity

God, I love this bot, xelA! She got what we all needed - for moderation, fun commands, music, etc. It's a life saver! Especially for a server with thousands of members to accommodate. What I love more about this bot is how neat her codes are and how helpful is her developer is. Trust me, you have to have this in your server and you won't regret it.



bot's gucci
commands aplenty
contant updates by an anime wannabe
sweet community
music functionnality
and most importantly, it's free!
whacha waitin for? add it to your server already!


Developer of BoobBot

We use xelA on a number servers ranging in size (1k/7k) and have been able to completely replaced the large numbers of mod/uiltiy bots (including rowboat and a raido bot) we had been using to have a full set of features with just xelA, we get a ton trolls/raids on boobbots server the auto mod features allow my staff to be as lazy as ever with the server as clean as it could be, 10/10 bot 10/10 support


Co-Developer of KawaiiBot

Solid bot, plenty of features, absolutely flawless. Amazing job